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TSA Reporting in PeopleSoft: Home


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Technical Skills Attainment (TSA)

When a program’s TSA Phase 2 plan is approved by the WTCS, a TSA rubric will be created in PeopleSoft for documentation. When students are admitted to a program with an approved TSA Phase 2, they will be populated to the TSA program list in PeopleSoft.

Each student may have one of three statuses:

  • Not Assessed - Students initially appear and remain as “Not Assessed” until all rubric criteria are assessed as Met or Not Met.
  • Met – When all criteria are assessed as “Met,” the “TSA Overall Status” will automatically change to “Met.”
  • Not Met – When even one criterion is assessed as “Not Met, the “TSA Overall Status” will automatically change to “Not Met.”

Met/Not Met data may be entered all at one time by one instructor or at various times by multiple instructors. Use the TSA Program Outcome Matrix as a guide for entering student data.

Note: Rubrics will also need to be completed for all embedded programs with approved TSA Phase 2 as students complete them. (Multiple program plans are currently being updated in student records in PS.)

  • Go to the WITC home webpage and click on “MyCampus

  • Then enter your Employee ID and network password to login into the single sign-on :

  • You will select PeopleSoft CS

  • The PeopleSoft login screen will look like this: 


  • Once you log it will bring you to your Faculty Homepage.
  • Then click on the “Tech Skills Attainment (TSA)” tile.

  • Clicking on the tile will bring you into the PeopleSoft Bolt-on 


Data Entry “TSA Student Detail” Tab:

  • Click on “TSA Student Detail” tab
  • Enter search criteria of Student ID number or name

  • If multiple students match the information entered, a list will appear to select an individual, so make sure to have specific search criteria. 

  • If a student is enrolled in multiple programs, it will show a list of their plans. Click on the appropriate plan.
  • If only one student matches the information entered, the student’s TSA Rubric will automatically open.

  • The student’s TSA rubric will look similar to this:

For students who have MET ALL criteria:

  1. Click “Select All-Met” button. This will automatically change the TSA Overall Status to “Met”.
  2. Then change the assessment date to the date the final assessment was completed. (Clicking “Select All-Met” automatically populates today’s date.)
  3. Click Save.
  4. Click the “TSA Student Detail” tab to return, and search for the next student.

  • Note how the screen now shows Met/Not Met Data for the students with a completed rubric.

For students who have NOT MET ALL criteria:

If even one criterion is “Not Met,”

  1. You can either individually click “Met”, “Not Met”, or leave some as “Non-Assessed” for each criterion OR click “Select All-Met” and then go back and click “Not Met” for specific unmet criteria.
    1. Either way will automatically change the TSA Overall Status to “Not Met.”
  2. Then change the Assessment Date to the date the assessment took place.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Click the “TSA Student Detail” tab to return, and search for the next student.

Data Entry by “TSA Plan Search” Tab

  • Click on the TSA Plan Search tab

  • Search for your specific program by Academic Plan number (enter it with no hyphens or spaces), or type the name of your program in the “Description” field and click search.

  • Click on your program with the corresponding campus location.
  • This will open a list of all students currently enrolled and active in the program.
    • Enter data only for students who have completed program outcome assessments.
  • If your program is offered at more than one campus, click “Next in List” to get to other campus lists.

  • Click the “Detail” link to open a student TSA rubric to enter the met/not met data.

  • Enter the Met/Not Met Data
  • Click “Return to Plan Search” to return to the list of program students.
  • ​Click “Detail” for another student to complete the next rubric.

Embedded Programs

  • Student data will be populated in PeopleSoft TSA panels for embedded programs within the parent program. This is a change in the business process to add students to all embedded programs in a parent program at the time of enrollment.
  • When you conduct a student search, the parent and all embedded plans should appear.
    • A student’s admit term date and the TSA approval date of the embedded credentials determine which rubrics will appear on a student’s profile.

  • Instructors will need to go into each embedded program and enter met/not met data.



  • To run a student’s report, navigate into their student detail and click the “Report” button.

  • The report will generate and open as a PDF in a new tab in your internet browser


  • You can then either click the save or print button that is located at the bottom of the screen.

  • If you want to email this document, you need to save it (ie. To your desktop) and then attach the file to an email.