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Submitting a Video Assignment in Blackboard Original: Submitting a Video Assignment in Blackboard


Submitting a Video Assignment
in Blackboard Original



student video submission

Your instructor may ask you to submit a video as part of an assignment or discussion board activity. The steps for adding a video are the same anytime you're submitting something to your instructor.

1. Record your video

The first step is to record your video. The college uses a service called Panopto for recording and hosting videos. This service will let you record your videos and attach them to assignments or discussion board activities, and is available through MyCampus. You can use our guide Basics for Creating Videos to go through the steps for recording.

2. Log into Blackboard

The second step is to log into Blackboard, after you have recorded your video in Panopto. Navigate to where your instructor has your assignments or discussion boards. We have a Blackboard Orientation if you'd like a quick refresher on using Blackboard, finding where to submit your assignments, or starting a thread in a discussion board.

3. Attach your video

  • For submitting a video as part of an assignment, click on Write Submission, for adding a video as part of a discussion board, start a new thread.
  • In the text field, click on Add Content (small circle with a plus-sign in the middle) -- You might have to click on ... (more options button) to see the content button.

add content button

  • Scroll through the list and click on Panopto Student Video Submission

panopto student video submission

  • Add your video by following these steps:

select which video to add

  1. Choose the folder where you previously added your video to Panopto
  2. Select which video in that folder to attach to your assignment or discussion board
  3. Click Submit Video to attach the video to your assignment or discussion board
  • You will see a hyperlink that leads to your video

submit to share your video

  1. You can add text above or below the hyperlink to your video
  2. Hit Submit to share an assignment with your instructor or add a post to a discussion board

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