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CE Faculty Orientation: Best Practices

Continuing Education Orientation

Best Practices


Below you will find information that was also included in your Instructor Packet. This includes helpful information on how to start a course, checking your roster, recording your time, and weather related polices.


Prior to class

  • Prep or review materials you will be covering; prep or update handouts or other resources
  • Forward any handouts to appropriate college staff member for duplication (at least three days prior to the date you will need them)
  • Confirm class enrollment, room number, when/where to pick up instructor packet and roster, and other details with appropriate college staff member
  • Carefully review all materials in the instructor packet (links included on this page)
  • See staff to obtain computer log-in user and password information, if class is on campus and you use a computer and/or computer lab for your class
  • Review the Collegewide Emergency Procedures Brochure for on-campus situations or familiarize yourself with your offsite exits and procedures for preparedness (Brochure)

Starting Class

  • Introduce yourself
  • Provide location details if appropriate (non-smoking facility, location of restrooms, vending machines, etc.)
  • Review course objectives/goals
  • Take attendance and be sure all students in class are on the class roster (Attendance Form)
    • A WILM roster will be emailed to you prior to the start date of the class so you can fill in the attendance form prior to start of class
  • Students not on roster need to register and pay before they can attend class. Depending on location, they can:
    • Complete a registration form found in instructor packet and provide payment to instructor, or
    • Go to student services desk on campus to register
    • Or call any campus to register over the phone with credit card information
  • Advise students of the  “Right to Know” brochures and any required forms (such as Acknowledgement of Risk, if provided)
    • A copy of the brochure can be obtained at any campus in Student Services.
    • In addition, students can find the brochure and other helpful information at the Registration and General Information webpage
  • Read “Right to Know” statement found in instructor packet (Right to know statement

    Right to know statement

    Northwood Technical College is committed to offering a campus environment that is supportive of learning and achievement. In order to ensure compliance with the requirements of federal and state laws, Northwood Tech is making available to you the “Employees’ and Students’ Right to Know” brochure which outlines Northwood Tech policies on drugs and alcohol, sexual assault and harassment, and campus security and crime statistics. Please take the time to read this publication carefully, as compliance with these requirements may affect your status as a student with the college. The brochure is available in person at Student Services, online at the Registration and General Information page, and in your Blackboard class, if applicable.

  • Discuss class cancelations due to instructor illness, emergency or weather (Class Cancellation Policy)
    • You can visit the college website to check on campus closures
    • There are two types of class cancellations and they may require action on your part as instructor.  The CE Class Cancellation Procedures guide will help you determine how to respond appropriately.  (Class Cancellation Procedures Guide)

Ongoing Class

  • Take attendance at each class session
  • Feel free to take photos during class to use in marketing
  • Route Email Notification forms

End of Class

  • End-of-class evaluations will now be conducted automatically through college's electronic process

After Class

  • Complete Instructor’s Evaluation
  • Complete Attendance Sheet
  • Return teacher packet including class evaluation forms, instructor evaluation, attendance form, photo release form, and any other forms to appropriate college staff member
  • Shred the student roster or return with your end of class paperwork

In Case of Emergencies

  • To report an injury while in class, complete the Accident/Injury Report form and follow instructions for returning (Accident/Injury Form)
  • In the case of misconduct or other incident in class, complete the Incident Report form and follow instructions for returning (Incident Form)

Printable Checklist