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Accessing Blackboard

Two Methods for Accessing Blackboard

Depending on your individual circumstance, you will either access Blackboard through:

  • MyCampus
  • Blackboard through the web

You must access Blackboard through one method or the other, based on your individual circumstances, you are not able to use both.

The items below will guide you to which method you need to use for accessing Blackboard.

Access Blackboard through


You must access Blackboard through MyCampus if you are in one of the groups listed below:


  • Northwood Tech Program Student
  • Taking a Northwood Tech course
  • Northwood Tech College Faculty or Staff






MyCampus Access
Access Blackboard


You must access Blackboard directly if you are in one of the groups listed below:
You will have an email from the college containing your login information*


  • Program orientation before the start of class
  • Accreditation Access
  • External Course Reviewers
  • High School Counselors



Direct Access

Need Help?

If you have trouble accessing Blackboard through either method, please contact our Help Desk for assistance. Use the button below to submit a ticket.

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