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iTLC: Academic Support


    iTLC Academic Support



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Academic Support Center (ASC):

 Helps students and community members reach their full academic potential.

On-campus and virtual customized services:

• Study Skills

• Test Taking

• Note Taking

• Learning Styles

• Research Help

• Academic Skill Building


• Homework Help

• Access to Resources

• English Language Learner


Math Lab

Math Lab

Visit the Math Lab for help with:
• Dosage calculations
• Algebra homework
• Math test preparation

Science Lab

Science Lab

Visit the Science Lab for help with:
• Test preparation
• Homework assistance
• Anatomy & Physiology
• Science tutoring
• Improving science study skills
• Making connections between science and the real world

Writing Lab

Writing Lab

Visit the Writing Lab for help with:
• All stages of the writing process
• Essay revision
• Brainstorming
• Grammar & punctuation
• Résumés
• Cover letters
• Or anything where your words matter

Academic Coaching:

 Available for students through referral.

Coaches help students with:

• Time Management

• Accountability

• Organization

• Effective Use of Resources

Academic Support Staff are here to help you with homework, study skills, and being successful in your college career.

Contact Academic Support Staff

These resources are there to help you with your course work, job searching, and finding reliable information.

Course Guides focus around an individual course, pulling in all the resources the iTLC has to offer specific to that course.

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