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Orientation: OTA


Occupational Therapy Assistant Orientation


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Start your Occupational Therapy Assistant Orientation

Welcome! Your OTA Orientation journey starts here!

Scroll down the webpage completing each section. Click on every blue box. Complete the task. The following nine blue boxes have a form to complete and save. Save certificates and forms with a title that matches the section plus your last name. For example, "Background Check Disclosure Form, Hernandez". You will need to upload these nine documents at the end of the orientation.

  • Allied Health Handbook Certificate of Completion
  • OTA Handbook Certificate of Completion
  • Background check Disclosure Form
  • WI Caregiver Background Check Form
  • Functional Abilities Disclosure
  • Confidentiality Statement
  • Acknowledgement of Risk Form
  • Student Information Sheet
  • Certificate of Attendance

You can find directions for scanning completed forms from the Innovative Teaching and Learning Center (iTLC) or you ma go to your local campus and the iTLC staff will assist you in scanning and uploading the forms.

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Program Handbooks

Click on both blue boxes. Thoroughly read the handbooks. Complete the quiz questions and save your certificates of completion with the proper title; "Health Sciences Handbook, your last name" and "OTA Assistant Handbook, your last name".

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Program Information

Health & Medical Insurance - Northwood Tech strongly encourages students to carry their own comprehensive health and medical insurance, or student accident insurance, while participating in the educational experience program.

Additional Malpractice Insurance - Northwood Tech provides a blanket malpractice insurance policy for all health occupations students during their programs. Some students decide to purchase additional malpractice insurance. Any additional coverage is voluntary. Health students can expect to pay approximately $30-$50/year for this additional malpractice insurance coverage. For more information, contact your personal insurance agent, or sources on the internet.

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Background Checks

The agencies that host the Northwood Tech OTA students for fieldwork/community courses have significantly increased their demands for background check scrutiny over the past several years. The college wants to ensure students understand, prior to the start of the program, that if there are no fieldwork/community agencies that will accept the student based on the background history, the student will not be able to complete course competencies and will be dismissed from the OTA program, regardless of the student's academic standing.

To finish this section of the orientation you must complete all of these steps:

  1. Print off the WI Background Check Disclosure Form and WI Caregiver Background Check Form
  2. Complete WI Background Check Disclosure Form and WI Caregiver Background Check Form
  3. Upload a copy of both forms at the end of this orientation AND
  4. Mail the physical copies of both forms PLUS
  5. A check for $10 made out to Northwood Tech to your local campus contact:
    Ashland, New Richmond, Rice Lake
    You will submit digital copies and hard copies of your WI Background Form and Background Check Form.

All OTA students are required to complete a Wisconsin Caregiver Background Check. Some facilities require a National Criminal Background Check, which mush be completed through Verified Credentials, Inc.  In addition to that, if you are a student who will complete OTA Fieldwork or course activities in Minnesota, you will also be required to complete a Minnesota Caregiver Background check (see below). Prior to OTA Fieldwork, the Fieldwork Coordinator will inform you if the National and/or MN background check is needed.

  1.  Print form.
  2.  Complete form before the first day of class.
  3. -- if writing a check, please include your student ID# in the memo section.

MN Departments of Human Services (DHS) Background Studies

  • The MN Dept. of Health Services NETStudy 2.0 background study requires all persons who provide services to children and vulnerable adults to be fingerprinted and photographed.
  • If you plan to complete your fieldwork in Minnesota -- Students will be required to provide Northwood Tech a copy of an Acceptable Form of ID for DHS Background studies, the completed MN DHS Data Worksheet and an additional $20 fee.
  • College staff will verify the information provided, and enter it into the MN DHS website, which will generate the Background Study Fingerprint  & Photo Authorization document that is sent to the student. Students MUST present the authorization document and same form of ID to be fingerprinted and photographed. Students can find the closest location at fingerprint and photo location. The fingerprinting fee is $9.10.  Debit and credit card payments must be made ahead online via the Thales website. Money orders and personal checks are accepted at the fingerprint location.  Cash is not accepted.
  • Within 14 calendar days of receiving the Background Study Fingerprint and Photo Authorization document, students must be fingerprinted and photographed. If not completed within 14 calendar days, the above process and fee payment will need to be repeated.
  • Background Study General Information

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Health Form

 Complete health information and immunization pages of the form.

 Take form and directions to your physical exam appointment; be sure the physical exam page gets signed and stamped.

 Make a digital copy of the completed form, then submit to the Student Passport System (SPS).  Directions on submitting your completed form to SPS can be found here


All Student Passport requirements must be met and uploaded prior to the first day of classes.


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Complete Forms

The following forms need to be signed or initialed, and submitted in the document upload section.

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Document Upload

Upload copies of all the required forms, certificates of completion, and documentation

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Are you ready to be an Online Student?

The OTA Program uses online resources to communicate with students and to access and submit course work. Please review this link to determine your current comfort with online technologies that the college uses. If you have further questions, visit the Learning Technology Center










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