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Microsoft Teams: Working in "Teams": Conversations

Microsoft Teams

Conversations in Channels and Notifications

Conversations in channels

Conversations in channels can be seen and searched for by the entire team. You can participate in conversations, like or save important ones, mention specific people, so they see your message, and even edit a file that’s been added to the conversation.

When you go to any channel in Teams, the very first tab is Posts. Think of this as one big group chat. Everyone who has access to the channel can see the messages on the Posts tab.

click on the channel then click on posts

The other important thing to know about messages in a channel is that replies to a channel message stay attached to the original message. This way, the whole thread of the conversation can be easily followed by anyone reading it.

1. Reply to a conversation

To reply to an existing thread, select reply arrowReply, add your response, and press Enter

2. Like or save a message

  • Select like icon next to a message to show you liked it
  • Select save icon to save a message for later
  • Select your picture to see your saved messages

icons in the upper right corner

3. Start a new conversation in a channel

To start a new conversation to everyone in a channel, go to the compose box at the bottom of the Posts tab to start a new one. Next, type your message in the box and select Send send icon or Enter. Now your message is in the channel.


start a conversation

4. Get someone's attention in the channel

Type "@" in front of a team member’s name while you're creating a message to include them in the conversation. The person will receive an @mention notice. You can @mention a team or channel if your admin enables it.

@michelle rusk

5. See where you've been mentioned

Look for the circle on the left next to Teams and Activity to see the number of times your name has been mentioned in a conversation. 

6. Filter your activity feed

Select Activity activity bell to see your Activity feed--a summary of everything that's happened in the team channels you follow.

1.  Select the Filter filter icon icon

filter icon‚Äč

2.    In the menu that pops up, select the type of notifications you want to see

available filters

3.   Select X to close the filter

close filter

4.     For a more specific feed, go to the Feed menu and select My activity.  You'll see a list of everything you've been up to lately in Microsoft Teams

feed activity

7. Check a channel for notifications in Teams

You know you have unread messages and unseen activity in a channel because its name appears bold. If you “favorite” the channel, it stays visible in your list.

select your channel

You also receive notifications when someone @mentions you or replies to a conversation you're in, so that's another way you know a channel is active.

red notification next to channel

If you're worried about knowing whether a conversation is going on that needs your attention all your notifications appear in your Activity feed. You get a notification whenever someone:


  • @mentions you (you also see you @mentions in the conversation).
  • @mentions teams and channels you belong to.
  • Replies to conversations you're part of.
  • Replies to your replies.


8. Customize channel notifications in Teams

If you want to adjust the notifications you're getting from a channel, here's how:

Go to the channel name and select More options more options icon > Channel notifications. This allows you to get notified of channel activity.   You may also reset notifications to default.

   more options menu

Banner and feed will send notifications to your device and to Activity at the top left of the Teams app. Feed will skip sending notifications to your desktop and will only show up in your activity feed.

Want fewer notifications from a channel? You can turn them off from here as well.

Below are the different types of settings you'll find in channel notifications:


  • All new posts will notify you each time someone starts a new conversation in the channel
  • Include all replies will notify you any time someone replies to a conversation
  • Channel mentions will notify you whenever someone @mentions the channel