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Microsoft Teams

Collaborating in a Group Chat

Use a group chat when you need to talk to a group of people and share files within a group. 

1. Create a Group Chat

Start the same way you start a one-on-one chat:

  • Select New chat new chat icon at the top of your Microsoft Teams App
  • Select the down arrow to the far right of the To field
  • Type the name of the chat in the Group name field
  • In the To field, type the names of the people you'd like to add

creating chat window

2. Send a Message in a Group Chat

Sending chat messages works the same as one-on-one conversations but everyone in the group can participate in the conversation

chat window

3. Get someone's attention in a Group Chat

Type @ in front of a team member's name while you're typing a message to highlight them in the conversation.  The person will receive an @mention notice


See where you have been @mention-ed by looking for the circle on the left next to Activity to see the number of times your name has been @mention-ed in a conversationactivity

4. Review Chat History

Similar to one-on-one conversations, members of a Group Chat can review the whole conversation at any time

chat window

5. Share Files Within a Group Chat

  • Click on the paperclip under the message box
  • Add a file from your computer or OneDrive
  • Click on Send send icon

uploading a file to share

*you can also drag and drop files into the message box to upload them

6. Find all the Files Shared in a Group Chat

Similar to one-on-one conversations, at the top of your chat window is a tab labeled Files

files tab

7. Resuming a Group Chat

Your Group Chats are saved in your recent conversations list with your one-on-one conversations.  The profile image will be a collage of the members' profile pictures

recent conversations tab

8. Instantaneously Meet or Share your Screen from a Group Chat

If you meet virtually, you can kick off the meeting right from the Group Chat.  In the group chat, look in the upper right corner for the Video callAudio call, and Share share icon buttons

call buttons

9. Edit Group Name

At any time you can edit the name of your Group chat by clicking on the pencil by the group name

changing group chat name

10. Edit People in the Group Chat

At any time you can add additional people to a Group chat or leave any group chats you're a part of

group chat memebers

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