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Basics for Creating Videos: Home


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Basics for Creating Videos

Creating instructional videos doesn’t need to be complicated.  Through the college, you have several options available to quickly create videos for your classes.  This guide will walk you through a couple quick and easy options.

After you have your video created, if it is part of an assignment in Blackboard, you can reference our guide on Submitting a Video Assignment in Blackboard

Before you record

  1. Find a quiet area in your house
  2. Write a script
    • You can either write out a script word-for-word or have bullet points in the order you'd like to cover the information
    • You can use the "Notes" included in a PowerPoint as a script
  3. Set up your webcam and microphone
    • Avoid over-head lights, lamps, and windows from being on camera
    • If you're using a headset, adjust the microphone to be just below your chin
  4. Ask everyone else in the house to avoid using the internet while you're recording and uploading your video
  5. Record your video

After you record

  • Upload your video to Panopto (if recording using PowerPoint or TechSmith Camtasia) (PDF Link)
  • Share your video using a link or embedding into Blackboard (PDF Link)

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