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Basics for Creating Videos

Creating instructional videos doesn’t need to be complicated.  Through the college, you have several options available to quickly create videos for your classes.  This guide will walk you through a couple quick and easy options.

After you have your video created, if it is part of an assignment in Blackboard, you can reference our guide on Submitting a Video Assignment in Blackboard

Before you record

  1. Find a quiet area in your house
  2. Write a script
    • You can either write out a script word-for-word or have bullet points in the order you'd like to cover the information
    • You can use the "Notes" included in a PowerPoint as a script
  3. Set up your webcam and microphone
    • Avoid over-head lights, lamps, and windows from being on camera
    • If you're using a headset, adjust the microphone to be just below your chin
  4. Ask everyone else in the house to avoid using the internet while you're recording and uploading your video
  5. Record your video

Select which software you'd like to use



(Printer Friendly Handout)


You can create instructional videos directly from PowerPoint, using PowerPoints you’ve already created or ones from a publisher.  Any PowerPoint you can use in a classroom can be used to create an instructional video for online classes.

  • Start with having a webcam and microphone connected to your computer. If you’re using a Northwood Tech laptop, you already have a webcam and microphone built in.
  • Create or open a completed PowerPoint presentation

PowerPoint Window

  • From the Ribbon, select the Slide Show tab
  • Click on Record
    • Click on From Beginning...

PowerPoint Record Slideshow Menu

  • From the recording screen
    • You can control the recording from the top
    • You can turn on your microphone, camera, change your view, and export your video from the top

PowerPoint Teleprompter View

When setting up your web camera:

Avoid overhead lights, lamps, and windows from being on camera

Sit so your head is in the middle of the frame looking straight forward

  • When finished recording, hit the Export button to create your video

PowerPoint Export Video

  • After you've exported your video, save your PowerPoint


Panopto Capture Web Application

(Printer Friendly Handout)


Panopto Capture gives you the option to record simple video right through your Panopto library dashboard. You can record audio and either your desktop or web cam. Using the web recorder is quick and simple, you can trim your video later in your library but only minor edits so use this tool for quick simple recordings that wont need much editing later.

  • Start with having a webcam and microphone connected to your computer, if you're using an instructor laptop you already have a webcam and microphone built in
  • Log into your Panopto Library through MyCampus
  • Navigate to the folder where you'd like to save this video
    • It is recommended to create folders to help you organize your videos
  • Click on the Create button located at the top left
  • From the dropdown menu, click on Panopto Capture

click on create at the top, then panopto capture

  • Panopto Capture will open
  • Set your camera and content preferences, then hit the red record button to begin
    • Any window you would like to share (PowerPoint, PDF, web page) will need to be open before you can select it as an option to record, DO NOT MINIMIZE the window to your task bar.

Panopto Capture

When recording

Avoid over-head lights, lamps, and windows from being on camera

Sit so your head is in the middle of the frame looking straight forward

  • Hit the red button again to stop

post capture window

  • Once you've finished your recording
    • The video is automatically saved to your Panopto Library
    • Watch the preview to make sure everything is ok
      • You can re-record the video if necessary
      • Enter a name for your video
    • Close the web browser and your video is your My Folder of Panopto


The button below will you bring to Panopto's How To video tutorials. Find more information on advanced features using Panopto.


Panopto Capture Within Blackboard

(Printer Friendly Handout)

Create a course folder in Panopto for your videos (Instructors Only)

  • Go to your Course Tools
  • Click on Panopto Content
  • Click on Configure
  • Click on Add Course to Panopto
  • Click on Return to Course

Get started embedding your video

  • Students: You MUST have your video already recorded using Panopto Capture or the Panopto App
  • Go to the section in Blackboard where you would like the video
    • You can add video to Announcements, Assignments, Discussion Boards, anywhere you can create an item
  • Create your item and give it a name
    • Students -- Use Write Submission for assignments
  • Click on the Add content button 

add content

  • Scroll down and select Panopto Video for Instructors or Panopto Student Submission for students
    • Instructors -- The Student Video Submission is used when you want to have students upload videos as part of the assignment or Discussion Board – this needs to be setup ahead of time under Course Tools

Panopto Video

  • Instructors: You can select your Blackboard Course Folder (previously created in Course Tools)
    • For the folder, you have the option to:
      • Choose a video you already have in Panopto
      • Upload a video you have saved on your computer
      • Record a new video
  • Students: You will only have the option to upload videos you previously recorded
  • If you choose a video you already have recorded or uploading a video saved from your computer, you can jump ahead to the Preview and Publish section of this handout
  • If you Record a new video, follow the same steps as recording a video from MyCampus (listed below)

Set up to record your video (Instructors only)

capture window

  • Use the Audio button to select which microphone you’d like to use
    • Try talking and make sure your microphone is being picked up
  • Use the Video button to select a webcam
    • You can Switch webcams to choose one or another or Add to have multiple active. This is useful for showing both your webcam and a iPevo Ziggi Document Camera
  • The Screens and Apps button will let you choose to share an entire screen or select a specific window like PowerPoint to record.
  • The window must be open – not minimized – for recording to work
  • Hit the red record button to start your recording
    • You don’t have to see the recording window for it to continue recording, simply pull up your PowerPoint, document, or resource you’d like to share and record your video
  • When finished, navigate back to your recording window and click on the red square button to stop recording

Save your recording

post recording window

  • After you finish recording, you can view the video
    • Record New will let you start a new video
    • Redo will let you re-record your current video
  • Enter a name for your video
  • Select your course folder (created using Course Tools)
  • Optional: you can include a brief description what the video is about
  • The top left corner of the window will tell you when it is safe to log off
    • Just close the browser when you’re all done

Preview and Publish


  • You will see your video load into the editing box
    • You can add any text before or after the video
  • You have the same viewing restrictions and availability options as any item you create in Blackboard
  • When everything is ready to go, hit Submit to publish your item with your embedded video


The button below will you bring to Panopto's How To video tutorials. Find more information on advanced features using Panopto.



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