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Health Education Center Orientation


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We are excited about your clinical simulation experience at Northwood Tech's exceptional facility at the Health Education Center! Within this orientation, you will get a glimpse of the exciting learning experience you will have during your clinical simulation. Simulation allows students to prepare, anticipate and practice to identify conditions within simulation patients.

The Vision


Provide a dynamic and innovative health education center to advance interprofessional learning resulting in safe, high-quality healthcare for Northwestern Wisconsin communitie s and byond.

The Mission


Create a comprehensive health care curriculum that:
  • Enhances the use of simulated learning
  • Utilizes cirtual and telehalth experiences
  • Advocates for and promotes patient care and safety
  • Supports the application of healthcare-based skills
  • Promotes collaboration between interprofessional groups
  • Employs evidence-based learning
  • Invites progessive engagement of student learning
  • Fosters collaborative community relationsips

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