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OneDrive: Virtual Desktop



Save to OneDrive on a Virtual Desktop


It is critical to ensure you are signed in to Northwood Tech OneDrive each time you log into the Virtual Desktop.  Save your files to OneDrive when using the Virtual Desktop.  You will lose your work if you save your files to a Virtual Desktop folder rather than a Northwood Tech OneDrive folder. 


  1. Log into the Virtual Desktop from the MyCampus portal.  Follow the instructions in this link.  Log into Virtual Desktop
  2. After logging into the virtual computer, click the grey cloud icon on the virtual computer taskbar.

One Drive Icon image

  1. Click on Sign in and enter your school email address, i.e.,; click Sign in.

OneDrive sign in image    Image of signing in with email address for OneDrive


  1. Enter MyCampus password, and next click Sign in.  Next, verify your identity by choosing 1 of 3 options.

Image of window to enter MyCampus password  Image of window to verify your identity

  1. Click on Next four times.

Image of logging into OneDrive    Image of Logging into OneDrive

Image of logging into OneDrive   Image of logging into OneDrive


  1. Select Later, next click Open myOneDrive folder.

Image of signing into OneDrive  Image of signing into OneDrive

  1. File Explorer will open, showing your OneDrive folders and files

Image of File Explorerer

Saving File to Northwood Tech OneDrive

When saving files, choose your Northwood Technical College OneDrive location\Folder or create a new folder using New Folder.  Name your file & select your folder and click Save.

Image of Saving a File to OneDrive

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