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Panopto: Full Guide: Add Video Quiz Assessment



Add a Panopto Quiz Assessment to Blackboard


Before starting the steps below, the quiz must be added to your Panopto library.  See a separate handout on how to add a Quiz to a Panopto Video.


  1. On the course page, hover over the line underneath Course Content and select the plus icon that appears.

Image of adding new item to course content

  1. From the drop-down that appears, select Content Market

Image of Content Market Option

  1. On the Content Market page, scroll down and find the Panopto Quiz tile.  Click the Plus sign to add the content item to the course.

Image of adding Panopto Quiz item to course content

  1. A new content item will add to your course, as shown below.

Image of Panopto icon after adding it to course content

  1. On the new content item, as shown in the step above, select More Options for Panopto Quiz, then select Edit.

Note: The edit in this step must be completed before completing the next step.

Image of Editing Panopto Quiz item

To enable a Panopto Quiz assessment, select the box "Create gradebook entry for this item.Assignment icon
Enter your grading criteria, and then click Save.  Now the course content icon changes to an assignment icon. 

Image of editing to create a gradebook entry for this item

  1. Next, click on the Quiz assignment icon, which will open your Panopto library.  Choose the video quiz to embed in the course.  Next, select Insert.  

Steps to choose Quiz Video

  1. After completing the above steps, students can select the video link in the course, which will open the Panopto player inside the Blackboard Ultra course.  Students who watch the content and take the quiz will have their grades synced to the course's Blackboard Gradebook.  

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